Los Wades: Adventures in Tannin

Los Wades: Season 1 Recap

A boat carrying a handful of strangers and people trying to forget their past ran into some trouble with pirates. Three unique strangers stood to defend the ship, and quickly learned that they worked well together.

With semi-solid friendship built, the three strangers (Raa the Monk, Deaken the Sorcerer, and Oromis the Fighter) reached a city called Highcoast and found work as bodyguards for a woman named Elizabeth. The group met a new member who was also hired to aid her; Yannis was a human cleric who served in the Greenkeep army, but now wandered the world in an attempt to spread the gospel of Zeus.

The party got Elizabeth to her destination (a small town called Wystead) and encountered a large collection of criminals who were trying to establish a foothold for their leader. This gang was eliminated by the group and some town guards in a bloody battle which is still talked about and referred to as “The Cleansing of Wystead”.

The party moved to the north and found the large city Otun, where they would meet an Elvish monk by the name of Hatori. Hatori informed the group of rare treasures that were rumored to rest in the Raven Queen’s Field. The monk needed help obtaining a book and would allow the group their pick of whatever treasures were found. The group agreed, and planned to head out as soon as possible. The city of Otun quickly came under siege by an army of barbarians, and the party was forced to flee quickly.

While moving through the forest, the party encountered a female Halfling Rogue named Bree. This Halfling knew Deaken from a mutual acquaintance they both used for his criminal ties, and she informed the group of Deaken’s true name – Chonathan. With new divides and more secrets revealed, the party seemed to grow with distrust for one another. Hatori managed to have them push on towards the Raven Queen’s Field.

The party encountered one of the most terrible threats the continent of Boreas had to offer, Remorhaz. These creatures love to burrow under the snow and ice and strike their prey by surprise; Hatori informed the group he would hold off the creatures and allow them to escape. The party would not see the monk for a very, very long time and Raa feared he had lost a new mentor as he had grown to lean on Hatori for lessons and some sort of guidance.

The party reached the Raven Queen’s Field and with some very difficult mountain climbing, got to the center of the area. They found trees and grass untouched by snow and sealed away with magic as if keeping something inside of it. Werewolves assaulted the party, and Oromis was bitten in the frenzy causing him to become cursed by the beasts. The party moved quickly to locate the first of many temples hidden in the Raven Queen’s Field, and they encountered a shard of the Old God of Trickery, Loki. Chonathan managed to convince the Old God’s shard that he would uphold his values and spread deception and trickery wherever he went. Loki gifted him with his staff and sent the party back to the Raven Queen’s field.

The party had gained numerous items and weapons brimming with old god magics and power. Raa possessed the Master of the Nesoi, a gauntlet that enhanced his physical attacks with magic and immense power. Chonathan had acquired the Staff of Loki, and the Cloak of Hera. Yannis had got his hands on a Blessed Spear from a fallen Holy Guardian, but poor little Bree had not encountered such luck with magical items.

With the book now in hand, the party moved onwards out of the Raven Queen’s Field with one exception. Yannis had disappeared in the night with no warning or trail to follow. The party was devastated, but made their way forward to the small town of Thornfell where they purchased land to help local farmers and fought an exiled Frost Giant who was slaughtering cattle and citizens. The party became heroes of Thornfell and were welcomed back anytime they wished. Hatori was suddenly seen stumbling into town, and had no memory of who the party was or what had occurred the last 100 years.

Westedge, capital city of the Gnomes, was the next stop for the party. It was here that the party all seemed to have their own goals and agendas:

- Bree had become the recent initiate of a secret organization call the Infinite Daggers and was now “working” with a local Gnome middleman called Graddik.

- Chonathan began schmoozing with the local nobility and earning a name for himself as a “big spender”.

- Oromis and Raa looked for work with a local merchant who was having issues getting caravans to deliver on time or at all.

Oromis and Raa took Bree with them to locate a caravan which was behind schedule. They located the caravan and its drivers who were terrified of something. The team found out a former friend of theirs (Katelyn, a monster hunter and former one-time lover of Oromis) no possessed incredible powers and had memories that the old Hatori once had. They fled and outran their pursuer, but now had much bigger problems.

The party contacted a group within the city known as the Black Shields, and were quickly informed that the woman and Hatori came under the influence of a very powerful demon. This demon’s motives seemed to all lead towards the book Chonathan now had in his possession. The party agreed to help the Black Shields defeat this foe and organized a very detailed battle plan to trap the demon within its human vessel and then kill it. Raa received some terrible news around this time; the Shou Lung Monastery where he was taken in as a young child and trained by men he considered his mentors and family had been destroyed. Rage overtook him, and multiple Black Shield Knights were required to restrain him.

With the plan in motion, the party moved towards an old keep on the eastern edge of Boreas called Ice Beard Keep. This keep was overrun with Gnolls who had ravaged religious sites across the continent for a decade, but the team made them into a bloody mess by the end of the battle. Oromis found a weapon which eluded him in the Raven Queen’s Field called the Bow of Apollo and began to learn of its magical prowess. The team and their allies set-up a trap for the demon which had Chonathan leading a powerful arcane ritual alongside a powerful mage descendant of Itir Quickhand (Gnome Wizard who saved Westedge from a demon invasion during the Great Purge).

The battle was fierce, and the demon managed to summon a few of his minions through gates that opened directly outside the keep. The party fought them off with the aid of Mother Abigail (Leader of the Westedge Black Shields), Abbot Ziri (Elder Abbot of the Westedge Monastery), and Doc Carrington (Priest under the command of Mother Abigail). Knights, monks, and acolytes held off demon invaders in the lower section of the keep while the main party members conducted the ritual on the second floor. Within minutes, the demon was captured and the killing blow about to be dealt by an enraged Raa. The Archbishop of the Black Shields arrived into the keep with a squad of his most elite guards to claim the demon (now trapped powerless in a human body). Raa attempted to kill the demon, but was “Banished” into a black void and returned unconscious by the Archbishop.

The seasoned closed with the party now facing a new potential enemy in the Archbishop Domarc and his loyalist knights, acolytes, and clerics. The demon had been captured, but there was no way to be sure the vessel would hold it forever.


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