Oromis Thrandurin

An elf fighter who was raised by wolves


Born into an elvish family who lived in a small hold near Mistbeach, Oromis had a simple and carefree life. At the age of ten however, Oromis and his family were attacked one evening while out in the Laire Jungles collecting herbs. The young boy eventually found a pack of wolves who sensed his elvish blood and bonded with him; the wolves cared for young Oromis and taught him how to survive in the wilds.

Oromis had become an almost unrecognizable figure. Only meeting with tribe members to trade animal hides, herbs, and pelts, for 17 years Oromis became a silent figure who the tribe regarded almost like a guardian. Iman, a local hunter who served empire’s army, took an interest in Oromis and spent many moons observing and interacting with him. Oromis found comfort in Iman’s lessons and tutelage; the rate at which Oromis developed and mastered these new skills Iman had shown was astounding.

Iman had told Oromis tales of far off lands which held similar, if not more impressive, beauty to that of their jungle. Oromis gained a new curiosity for these distant lands and gained a new feeling which he was not familiar with. Wanderlust had consumed his every waking minute, and Iman’s stories could no longer sustain Oromis’s attention like they did in the beginning. At the age 100, Oromis packed what little things he possessed and headed for the great unknown of the world. Iman gave Oromis some parting gifts which he hoped would serve him well; Iman handed Oromis a greatsword, a standard issue scimitar from the Elvish Empire Army, Longbow, Light crossbow, and a belt pouch with 10 gold pieces.

Oromis seeks a perfect paradise where animals and he can coexist, and he can live out his numerous elven years in peace with no worry of civilization rearing its ugly head.

Oromis Thrandurin

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