Chonathan "Deaken" Shomfin

A Sorcerer on the hunt for ancient knowledge.


Half-Elf Sorcerer

Charlatan Background
Carries Staff of Loki, Cloak of Hera, Book of the Dead, Necklace of the Three Captains


Born into the streets of Ravenport, Chonathan was orphaned as an infant by a mother who could have cared less of the boy. Chonathan had a pension for magic at a young age, and this got him into trouble constantly in numerous orphanages. One day, when Chonathan was around the age of 10, a man came to the orphanage and claimed him as his ward. The man said he was a powerful sorcerer and that he would teach Chonathan all the skills he would need to ensure he was recognized as a powerful mage and not some street-rat kid.

The man said his name was Omon, and taught Chonathan all the grifts, cons, and tricks one needed to survive in the streets of all the large cities. The two traveled together across Oceanus until Chonathan came of age. Omon felt Chonathan had gained more power than he initially imagined, and knew this boy was destined for something much greater. Omon revealed one last con which he had been running since he first met the boy, and abandoned him at the same time. Omon had been a Dragonborn in disguise all of Chonathan’s life and held the human form to try and instill the last lesson he had for the boy:

“Nothing is ever as it seems. Be vigilant and always questioning,”

Angry and alone, Chonathan turned to the criminal skills he had gained and made contacts within the underworld empire that consisted of thieves, rogues, thugs, and forgery artists to earn a new reputation and small fortune. Chonathan also held a quest near and dear to his heart which he only tells those who are close to him about:

“There are rumors of the First Order of Paladins actually having six members instead of the recorded five. This sixth member is rumored to have been an immensely powerful mage who was killed and removed from history because of the danger his power could inspire,”

Chonathan seeks to find some truth to this historical rumor, and perhaps learn what made this mage so powerful.

Chonathan "Deaken" Shomfin

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