Bree Tealeaf

A Halfling Rogue who understands gold makes the world go round.


Life in Seastone is rough for everyone, but it was even harder for Bree. An orphan since her first memories even formed, Bree saw firsthand the cruelty and malice that cities could produce. The dark and damp streets were her classroom, and her fellow thieves her classmates. The young Halfling found a group of other halflings and instantly meshed with them. Bree trusted no one other than her “brothers and sisters”, and stole what she could when she could without thinking of consequences. This group she had formed saw Bree as the unofficial leader, until their little gang ran into a much more organized criminal element.

The Ghosthands were a gang whose influence is said stretched as far as Rosebarrow, but nobody could really prove it. The leader of these “Ghosts” was named Gyles and he instantly saw Bree as a valuable asset and pupil. Rather than decimate this new small-time gang, Gyles welcomed Bree and her misfits into their ranks. Bree took the opportunity to learn all she could from Gyles, and reminded herself not to get too close to any of these new “team members”. The skills Gyles showed her greatly improved Bree’s reflexes, senses, and overall abilities. Bree’s nature also changed slightly and saw her increase the amount of heists and marks she would perform and rob.

It was this nature that propelled her to aim for larger targets by the age 20, and her misfortune seemed to double around this time. Bree targeted a noble by the name of Fastob Buck, who was a prominent donator to political figures in Seastone. Bree scouted his manor, followed the guard patterns, and stole one of his most prized possessions. The prize was a small silver skull from an unknown creature; Bree found this item mesmerizing and of course had to have it. The heist was a success, but one of her fellow thieves was captured and eventually gave his captors Bree’s name. Fastob sent his mercenaries to the thieves’ hideout and interrogated all of them; Bree did not give in to these tactics and lost her left ring finger in the process. Bree managed to escape, but while hidden she watched as all her original “brother and sisters” were cut down by Fastob and his men. The new gang she had joined was also slaughtered or sent to the dungeon beneath the city keep.

With her former home destroyed, and her only family either in jail or on the run, Bree fled from Seastone on the first available ship. This ship took her straight to Summershore, where Bree made contacts with local group of bandits and fellow low-lives who hid the silver skull for a price. Bree then left Summershore and jumped on the next available ship to Boreas, where she knew Fastob’s reach could not get her.

Bree Tealeaf

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